Namaste girls! Today I'm back with an update of my skincare routine. I've recently changed it because of the issues I was having with my skin. I started to have some parts of my skin drier and more dehydrated than usual like my cheeks. I also got more breakouts on my forehead and on my chin so I decided to make some changes in my routine and I also needed to change it a bit because when you're always using the same products well your skin gets used to them and after a time their effects will be less effective. That's why it's impotant to change frequently your skincare routine! Anyway, I wanted to talk to you about some products that I absolutely love and that I can't stop using!
I didn't know Mario Badescu products were sold in Belgium but few weeks ago I was just looking for something at Urban Outfitters and I just passed next to the "beauty corner" and I saw those products! I know Mario Badescu products because I've heard about them on YouTube by some beauty vloggers and I was like "why not? Let's give it a shot!" Then I decided to pick some products from the brand and test everything. I've got the famous Drying Lotion (I've seen Ashley Benson was using it for her blemishes too but I swear I didn't buy it for that reason!). I wanted a drying lotion with good ingredients, a fast and  an effective action on my breakouts (which were getting usual during June because of all the finals stress) and the Mario Badescu one is p e r f e c t! I use it at night, before sleeping, I put some product on my blemishes and the next morning I just rinse it off and clean the area with a lotion and voilà! The product is really effective, you can use it on every type of skin, it doesn't irritate or dry it. You can also apply it on different areas (back, brest, face..) I've already try the Spotlight from Lush, this product is supposed to have the same effect than the one from Mario Badescu but I think the Drying lotion is really better than the Spotlight from Lush.
The second product that I got is the Acne Serum. Even if I had already took the Drying lotion I wanted another daily product to mix or apply after my nightcream to prevent pimples so I got this one! I like it even if it takes time to dry on the skin. I noticed a real difference on my skin since I've been using it! If you have an oily skin it's also good to prevent pore congestion. I have a combination skin so I thought it will definetly reduce the size of my pore around my nose and it actually did. I can't see a huge difference because my pores weren't that visible before I purchased the product but still, I can see a difference!
Less but not least, my favorite one: the facial spray with aloe, herbs and rosewater.
This spray is just awesome and I'm completely addicted to the smell! As I told you before, my skin was getting drier and dehydrated day after day and I needed a facial spray. So when I saw this one with hydration propreties and good ingredients for all type of skin I thought that it was perfect! It's a boost of hydration and a good spray to set make-up! The spray is naturally refreshing, I don't need to put it on the fridge like I used to do with the ones from Lush. Normally after cleansing my face with a gel or a cleansing lotion the next step of my routine is generally applying the spray on my face so I'm really glad because I was looking for a spray with this refreshing effect that really wakes me up in the morning ansdI've found it! I think this product is probably one of my biggest discovery of 2016 and I'll purchase it again for sure but when I'll finish it I'm probably gonna try another one because I don't want my skin gets used to this product as I explained you before.
Clarins is my mom's favorite brand for skincare products but I've never personally tried a single product of this brand. Since I've received this body moistruizer I can't stop using it. As you can see I got the little version so I keep it in my bag and I use it for my ankles or elbows because those parts of my body get easily dry and when you're wearing something without sleeves, dry elbows aren't glam at all. I can tell the same for dry ankles. Since the day I got it, this moistruizer became a real essential in my bag!

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