Namaste girls! I'm back after spending entire weeks in my bed, watching 5 seasons of Desperate Housewives (yup I've just started to watch this show now...but you know what they say: it's never too late). Anyway, I'm gonna present you today my current favorites in this post. I finally got new stuff a few weeks ago, which means new products to talk to you about on the blog. Scroll for more!
 I never go out without moisturizing my face first and if I do it, I can pray for ages to get my human skin back because mine gets dry hell fast. It's definitely not a good idea and overall now because we're finally having a winter here in Belgium (which didn't happened those 2 past years -> YAY for me, NAY for my skin). That's why for my undereye, I have this moisturizer cream from & Other Story. I needed a new eye cream and this one is just perfect. I bought it for 15€ (less than the Clinique one) but this hydrating cream is the only one that makes my undereyes super soft, makes me look less tired and reduces a bit the size of my darkcircles!
Alright, this one has been a Christmas gift! I won't never buy a Chanel or other luxury brand lip balm because I think it's stupid to put so much money on this kind of products. You can find the same quality for less in drugstores! The one that I've been using is from Le petit marseillais and I love it, but I didn't want to let this Chanel cute babe resting in peace in my makeup storage. Anyway, I tried it out and I loved it but honestly don't put your money on something that pricy, I mean it's just a lipbalm... I'm using it every night before going to bed to end my beauty ritual and the next day, my lips are so smooth (the less we can ask for an expensive product..). I think you can find other and cheaper brands that sell good quality lip balm too. I still wanted to talk to you about it because I love using it, but this product isn't like a miracle or something.
To clear my face I'm using every morning this black exfoliator from Marc Inbane. If you follow me on Instagram (@.anxiously.stylish), you know that I'm obsessed with it and there is a reason for that: my skin have never ever looked as clean as when I've started to using it! The smell is also amazing.
To complete my beauty ritual and because those past few weeks were very stressful with all my finals, my unorganized holidays, I finally end up using this charcoal mask from Garnier. I really needed to detox my skin (also my body, but it will be possible if I decide to move my ass from my couch someday..). I heard about this drugstore detox mask and I wanted a charcoal mask for so long but I wouldn't buy the expensive one from Glamglow. So when I saw the Garnier one, I didn't think a lot and I directly bought it! Every time I use it, I feel like I have a brand new skin. This mask clears my skin so well and has this whitening effect that I love. I use it at least one time per week, usually every Sunday (= relax day) and also sometimes on Wednesday, when I allow to give myself a little beauty break in the middle of the week.
I'm always stressed and my body doesn't miss a chance to remember me that. My muscles often kill me and beg me to start treating them right. That's why when I got this massage oil from Rituals, I finally decided to make my muscles complaints stop! It's such a great product and I can't wait to use it more because I freaking love it (the smell has also probably something to do with that..)