Namaste my girls, big moment for me and the blog today because it's the first time I write a post in English and I've decided to do it for good (Yes it took me a month to decide it, I'm sorry♥) because I noticed that there are lots of american/flemish/spanish people who are actually reading my blog and I thought that if I write all my future posts in english, everyone will get them, plus that's my favorite language!I love my belgian readers but we kinda have 3 languages in our country so for my flemish readers, my french posts are difficult to understand. I had to make a choice and english won. I hope you enjoy this change (let me know in the comments). Anyway, today I'm gonna talk to you about a little spring selection that I've made for you guys♥. Kinda hate this season because of my allergies but I won't never stop loving spring fashion so let's go ahead! 

I'm gonna begin with dresses. Spring is the season where I usually start to wear dresses. I don't wear dresses during the winter or the fall because I don't have bunch of them and I feel better in my black pants. I think you're starting to get what's my fashion goals, right? If you don't well it's kinda simple: monochromatic/minimalistic/classy streetwear are the perfect words to describe my closet (can keep dreaming). The blue dress is the perfect example of the dresses that I wanna have in my closet. Chic, classy and super simple. The detail on the top is really pretty. Wear this blue dress with a messy bun and cute oxford shoes and you're ready to go and if you're wanna have a fancier look, add some heels and you're ready to be the prettiest!
On the right, you have this beautiful straight dress, which looks more comfy and more casual. That's basically the type of dresses I could wear to go for a walk with some friends or go have a lunch with them. The shape and the print of the dress add this "boho" spirit to the outfit so to complete it I'd wear my black fedora or a beige hat. 

Can we focus on this for a sec? I don't wear jumpsuits because everytime I try to find one well it ends up like Hunger Games. I run between stores and then cry (well get actually very upset) because I don't find anything. If you have the same problem come here for an high five! Jumpsuits that fit or suit me are difficult to find but I'm seriously determinated to find one like this from Mango Outlet (best outlet ever, have a look to the webstore and the affordable prices because it worth the pain). Again, you can see that I'm looking for something classy and feminine. I love the V-neck. When your boobs are like mine (far from each other like LA-NYC) it's the perfect type of  neckline. It's not too much. I absolutely want to get one for occasions or events. I definetly won't wear that type of jumpsuits at school or for a brunch with my friends because I will be overdressed but it will be nice to have one for special moments. 

I've never bought any bodysuits in my whole life but this spring, I don't know what happened in my head but now I just want to buy a few of them. I had a crush on this one from Les Bourgeoises. Recently my friend Claire had started a collaboration with them and she's doing incredible selections of clothes on their website and I was checking by curiosity and I found some great stuff on the webshop. This lace body is my favorite piece. It's beautiful and you can wear it with everything: a long black skirt, white cargo pants or beautiful palazo pants (if you have the chance to be tall enough...) This piece is really feminine and adds something to the outfit so even if you want to wear it with mom jeans or ripped jeans it will be beautiful too.

Completely obsessed with those kind of pants! (that's basically what's happening in my life right now, how's yours guys?). The thing I like the most with them is that you can actually get various styles. Everything depends on how you style the outfit. You can wear those pants with a loose sweater like the picture on the right, add some sneakers, a messy bun and creole earrings and voilà! When we usually see those pants we think about lawyer or women who are working in an office but those pants can really become casual if you style them the right way (pinky swear) so everybody should at least have one! It's feminine and classy but if you want to complete this look and have a fancier result, go grab some heels and make some jealous! As you can see, you can easily wear the pants with sneakers, slipers or whatever. Super easy to wear (now I think you got it). I absolutely want to have a black one, because black goes with everything (am I teaching you something right now? I don't think so.)

For the last part of my selection, you can see this jacket from Esprit with palms on it. I chose to put it in the 'accessories' category because it's actually a sport jacket and I need one since I really begin to do more than 30 squats at the gym and run more than 15 mins. (things are getting serious since I stopped eating 2 Ben&Jerry's/day) I love this one, the print is pretty cool, the colors are minimalistic and I love that kind of material. 

I want to add one more pair of shoes to my tiny collection, actually I want to get some new sneakers and I've been hating the Stan Smith since I've starting to see everyone wearing them in the street but I have to admit that this pair is really gorgeous. This blue is just beautiful, not too navy but not too light. I think you understood, I love the color.

France is one of my favorite belgian bloggers and when I knew she was opening a webstore (Maydenn) I became crazy because holy shit eveything she sales is perfect! It's pretty and not that expensive. I've been taking a look to the accessories fo few days now and found those "Spell on me" type of bracelets and I just love them. I absolutely wanna have the silver one because I mostly wear silver.