Namaste girls, today I'm back with a new outfit but this time it's an outfit of the day. Had to present you some of my new stuff that I've been just obsessed with! I hope you'll like this post. I'm trying to be more present on social medias and on the blog but it's not always easy to be active with all I have to do and sometimes as a writer I have zero inspiration. Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy it.♥
When I'm wearing my black coat from ZARA (that I've already presented you on the blog last winter) I'm always proud of myself because the first time I saw it (sounds like I'm telling a love story aha, but it's kind of one) this coat was costing about 80€ and I felt the price will be reduced during sales so I waited until the second week of sales because I knew I'll be able to shop the coat for a lower price that's what happened. I kind got a gift for that (sales medium, is that a real job?) I guess because it's not the first time this situation happened to me. Anyway, I love it and I feel so comfy when I'm wearing it. Mission to myself this year: find the same in grey or in baby pink. 
I felt ashamed when I came back home with a(NOTHER) grey sweater because honestly I have a bunch of them but I can't possibly resist to a V-neck sweater and this one is gorgeous, soft and so warm (and grey..). Obviously you know how it ended up..I bought it! Quick choice, I mean the sweater is beautiful so as the price (under 10€ I think). What I was supposed to do? Turn my face and leave the store? It would be stupid and because when you get in Primark you better buy something or, otherwise you fought to get in that store for nothing. Because yes, trying to get in it and just even breathe in it is a bit difficult. It's always crowded as hell so you might wake up early to be able to look at you want without getting punched in the face by some crazy people.
Nothing interessant to say about my pants, again those one from H&M (I love them but I think you're starting to get it, right?)
& Other Stories got my heart, there is no doubt to have about it and so does this beautiful gold necklace. I fall for this beautiful, delicate and fine chain and also for this pendant that looks a bit like a planet. I don't actually know how to describe it but hopefully you can see it on the pic. I don't usually like the mix between gold jewels and silver/grey colors (actually I hate it) but I don't know why, this time I wanted to try something and it seemed nice so I made an exception! Let me know what you're thinking about the mix. Personally, I love it.
I'm always saying fall is the perfect season to wear hats that's why I couldn't leave without one this day. For this look, I'm wearing my black one from The Sting
Again, I'm finishing this post with the shoes. Actually a new pair of sneakers (Puma Suede Classic Black via Take-Off) that I purchased in September. I finally got a black pair and it's easier for me now to wear what I want because it was clearly more difficult with my other pair (my purple Trinomic from Puma).Those became my ready-to-go sneakers. I love the model and the little gold detail. Can't wait to post more outfits with them!


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