Namaste girls, today I'm back with an outfit of the night (after ages because I had to figure it out how to handle all the fucking work I have this year for my damn last year of high school. Sorry for the rage, kinda feel like I had to.) Anyway, I'm excited to present you this outfit today because as you can see, I'm wearing my new blouse that I'm completely obssesed with, that's why I decided to show you how I style it without looking like Napoleon. If you want to know more, just scroll.♥
For the top, as I told you before I decided to wear my white creamy blouse from Primark. Got this beauty a week ago for nothing and I already can tell that I'm gonna have fun to style it and try new combinations of outfits with it. I love the details, I mean come on guys, look at the sleeves! You won't see them on each street corner. The ruffle details are so original and chic. Add to it this kind of stand-up gorgeous collar which gives this feminine touch.
For the accessories, I chose to wear my favorite cossbody bag from SoBaggy that I've already talked to you about.I love the mix between the fringe detail and the ruffle detail. I found the mix pretty cool. Plus, there is the chain from the bag that adds this classy and sophisticated touch which is all I want for a night look. Also the bag is small so it doesn't feel like it's too much details in the same outfit.
For the bottom I'm wearing simple high waisted black pants from H&M. Nothing crazy to say about them but I usually go for black stuff for a night out, I don't know why but black looks always perfect to me and I can't do nothing about it. Honestly if one day I wear another color than black for the bottom I'd be proud of myself but it's not gonna happen before a long time!
Personally I don't think this outfit needs to be too much accessoried as I kind of mentionned before.The top is doing everything so I didn't wanted to add more details because it would be too much. So I decided to wear (again) my Fjord black watch. Minimalistic and pretty simple, that's all I love.
I don't know for you but personally when I don't wear any ring I kinda feel naked. That's why I had to wear this one from ZARA that I adore but again as you can see I went for a simple silver ring to not add additional details. It's sober so it goes well with the style of the outfit. 
Finally, here are my new babes from New Look. I'm completely addicted to them. Those boots give to the outfit an elegant touch and I can wear them in different ways. I'll definetly post other outfits to show you how I style them.
Let's talk about the heels now. Well I actually love them because the size is just perfect.My feet don't look huge as hell when I'm wearing those babes which is great.
Maybe you're probably wondering about the comfort, well I have to say it: those boots are very comfy! I was kind of worried about that, I didn't want to finish with bloody feet at the end of the day and guess what? It's not the case at all! I can walk with them all day long, even run after my tramway so if I'm late for school my boots are still my friends (important criteria).
Buying them was definetly a good choice and I couldn't leave without them(the broke shopaholic voice in my head is talking to you right now). I don't know if you're in this too but I kinda developped an obssesion for suede (look at my bag for example) which is explaining why I almost run in the store to get them the hell out from the shelf before someone else.