Namaste girls! I hope you're all doing great. Christmas is coming but before I guess some of us have exams to pass so I already wish you good luck for yours (we're all in da shit girls). I just want to get my school report and don't hear about school anymore (no more hate for today I promise). Anyway, today I'm back with a Christmas gifts ideas selection that I made just for you. It took me lots of time because I wanted to make of this first Christmas selection a good one. I hope you'll find some ideas right there. Let me know in the comments what you want for Christmas and what you're planning to offer to your family/friends/lover. 


I often hear my friends ask for a gift more expensive for Christmas because it's usually the right occasion to offer something a little bit more pricy than usual. Well it's definetly a good idea to look for a nice bag if your girlfriend/bestfriend/mom is a LSA person (luxury stuff addict). I'll never say no to a beautiful Saint Laurent bag under my Christmas tree (let's be honest) so if you have money to spend in luxury stuff, why not? 
Here is a little selection of beautiful clothing/shoes/bags. Remember: it's always better to spend money on something useless.


Winter is always offering us wonderful decorations right? But you know what winter offers us too? Damn gorgeous Christmas beauty boxes! Every year brands as The Body Shop, Lush, Yves Rocher are doing so many cute things for Christmas so you should definitely have a look to their special collections. Obviously, Christmas is not just about sparkly bath bombs or apple-cinnemon scented body creams. Make-up brands are doing limited collections too. I recently got the Lancôme one and I can't wait to present you the products and create some makeup-up looks for Christmas and New Year eve (I should stop planning my future post while doing an actual one)! If you want to go big you can find brands that are doing monthly boxes (Birchbox, Deautybox, Glossybox,..) so if you have to offer something to a beauty guru it can be nice to consider the idea because Christmas is a good occasion to test new products and new brands (like Bobbi Brown for example). However if you don't want to spend a bunch of money in make-up (because you think it's stupid or because you have too many things to offer to too many people) you can go straight to Kiko store and I promise you that you'll find beautiful and affordable makeup products.


A gift card is sometimes a good idea when you have a shopaholic daughter/bff/lover. Well that's what I'm actually thinking about when I'm always leaving ZARA without anything because everything that I wanted to purchase was hell too expensive even more than my life (obviously when you want to come back home with the entire store). I mean can you realize how perfect can be a 150€ Forever 21 gift card during sales? Do you know what I mean? I think you do and if you don't well we have a situation here. Anyway, you can also offer this pretty classical gif: a watch! Classical but still always good and useless! 


I'm nobody to teach you that occasions dresses are sometimes expensive unless you're lucky and you find THE deal. I'm talking about occasions dresses like prom dresses because if you're in your senior year of high school you maybe have a prom with a fancy dress code. Personnaly I won't go for the princess look this day, I think I'll probably dress classy and if you're going to do the same here is a selection of dresses that I'm obssesed with. I included a few type of dresses. I've recently discovered the website StyleWe where I found some of those beautiful sparkly dresses. I had a look on their Instagram first and I saw some great stuff so I've decided to have a look to every dresses on their website and also find some outfits inspirations on their blog. They have a bunch of dresses: princess prom dresses, two piece dresses, classy dresses, bridesmaids dresses,...  Big crush on their classy and minimalist dresses! But if you want to buy your princess prom dress, againI think you will have to spend at least 60€ to have something nice (It's expensive because you're probably going to wear it one time in your life but there are dresses more expensive so keep that in mind and if you don't want to spend too much money just choose something that you will be able to wear for other occasions). I tried to make a selection for every budget so I hope you'll find something nice right there! 


A new pair of sneakers? Or maybe even two? Christmas is definitely the occasion to offer beautiful pair of shoes. I'd say cute boots and a pair of sneakers will be the perfect Christmas comshoe ever (combo-shoes for those who forgot to have coffee this morning).


Phones, cases, computers, cameras, lenses, extern batteries.. Pricy but needy!


If you have no idea for your Christmas gifts well you can buy something cute/funny/original or related to someone's passions. You can go for a recipes book or other kind of books, funny socks, animals sleepers, pretty/ugly (depends on if you want the person to wear itChristmas sweater, anyway go big or go home for that random gift. 


Sometimes presents done by yourself are better than expensive stuff. Aaah Pinterest is life in this case, right? That's why I've done some research and my favorite DIY was those beautiful marble candles! If you don't want to go for those candles you can find other DIY's on Pinterest so go have a look! 


If you're from Belgium (especially fom Brussels) like me and still have no idea what to offer for Christmas, I made you a selection of stores where you can find cool and affordable gifts.♥

Reservoir/Pax (rue du bailli 11, Bruxelles)/Fresh
Urban Outfitters
Flying Tiger
H&M home/ ZARA home