Namaste girls, today my wild hair and I are back with a New Year Eve outfit. I don't dress fancy for Christmas but New Year Eve is usually the time when I like to get ready and wear something nice. Today I'm gonna present you a classy and pretty lacy look. I hope you'll like it, feel free to give me your thoughts in the comments♥.
For the top, I'm wearing this biker suede jacket from Kiabi (limited edition) and I got it for absolutely nothing (35€ for a warm and pretty jacket). This babe became one of my winter essentials and I can wear it with a fancy look or a casual look, the final result will be always nice!
 Under my jacket, I'm wearing a beautiful body from H&M. I love the lace details and the "hole" in the back. I think those two details give a sexy touch to the outfit. You're gonna see that I'm mostly (only) wearing black and that's right but it's all about details this time and not about colors (I think it's obvious enough haha) so I wanted the details to be a bit various to be able to forget about the fact that I'm wearing one single color on me.
 The lacy details are really pretty and I can't get enough of those sleeves, I mean cmooooooooooooon!
For the bottom, I'm wearing those pants (also from H&M). I got them last year and I'm always wearing them because those are the most comfy ever. I'm currently looking for other pairs of black pants (that would stay black and not become grey with time thanks) so if you know where I can find cool ones, it would be nice!♥ 
For the accessories, I went for this cute silver metallic bag from H&M (I think I'm bothering you with H&M stuff). It's a cross body bag but also a clutch which is perfect if you want to change something to your outfit or carrying it by day/night (that moment when you're too proud of your smart purchase). I'm also wearing some rings from Zara (old co) and my belt is from Primak (I had to fight to get it so I'm also proud of this purchase). I'm also wearing those beautiful earrings from Zara.
For the shoes, I have those Chelsea boots from H&M. I could wear a pair of beautiful stiletto or my black boots from New Look that would make this outfit more classy but I won't lie to you, so you have to know that if I go out in Brussels for New Year Eve I won't never go with high heels (it's a suicide mission for my feet). That's why I'm wearing cute little boots with my silver sparkling socks from & Other Stories! Let me know what you think about this combo!♥


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