Namaste, girls! Today I'm back with a little selection with some beautiful pieces that I wanted to share with you. I've been spending some time on a few online stores lately (of course to check out the sales) and I thought I had to share with you what I have been lusting after. It's not really a wishlist and not really a selection. It's actually both. I'll be listing several stores where you can find similar pieces. I hope you enjoy this post.♥


Sweaters are probably one of my favorite piece of clothing. Put on a sweater, add leggings to complete the outfit and you're ready to go. That's my comfy 'ready-to-go' look and honestly, if I could go out every day wearing this kind of outfit I would.You can find different brands of sweaters but they're mostly online at ASOS (other shops can be found at the end of this post)



I always had an obsession for straight coats. I think it's because they are so flexible.They can be associated with a streetwear/sportswear style but also with a very classic style.  They can give a feminine touch to the outfit but also break the style to give a slight androgynous touch which can be very nice and also interesting; that's the reason why I love them. If you are looking for new outfit ideas, you can find a bunch of them on Pinterest and on this blog (yes, new outfits are coming soon)! I had a crush for a Zara straight coat during the sales but one week later after having seen it at the store, the babe had disappeared literally. No way to find the coat in the stores neither than online. It was so strange and I was damn mad because I really wanted to buy it! I think I could make a collection of straight coats. You know, having all the colors possible. Of the grey, the pink (baby or fushia), the blue (navy or baby), some red (bloody or burgundy) to the mauve (vampy or lilac). You get the picture.. Straight coats are my shit! I had a look on ASOS to make this selection and I found some great stuff (you will find below a list of e-shop where you can find other similar pieces and maybe cheaper). I tried to stay in the neutral tones because I didn't find lively colored coats from ASOS as pretty as the neutral tones. So if you're like me, ready to kill for an entire new closet, you'll find some cool stuff in the selection. My big crush is definitely on this forest green straight coat and honestly I'm really hesitating to buy one to myself. It's a color with which I really fell in love this winter and which I learnt to rediscover. Moreover I'm gonna post you soon an outfit with a beautiful green forest turtle neck sweater. I can't wait to share that with you guys! Before finishing this chapter about straight coats, I just need to talk to you a last time about those bloody babes!! Those red coats from StyleWe are just awesome and absolutely beautiful. Big crush for this one on the left! I heard about those StyleWe cheap coats and I wanted to have a look to them and actually, as you can see, I'm crazy over these two models! Tips: if you're looking for similar websites you can go on Just fashion now (thinking about another selection to post on the blog with some black and white dresses because I liked some models from Just fashion now and I want to share them with you), She In, Choies,..



The weather here in Brussels is getting hotter, so this little selection might not apply to you if you're living in Brussels. If you're going on holidays in the mountains or if you just need a good, warm jacket because it's getting colder over where you are. I can recommend you some brands who are doing great things. You'll fight off the cold and feel the wind much less. If I make my dream come true someday (which is moving to Canada to live there)  this kind of jackets will be taking 80% of space in my closet. I think I'll even build a special closet for them! I wouldn't be able to stop myself buying a bunch of them and I'll end up with a pile of jackets. I love the cold weather, the snow and warm jackets and I think winter is not a season where you have to dress up like shit because it's cold outside. You can be pretty and warm in your clothes. It's like comfy shoes, they don't have to be ugly to be comfortable (it's just a typical mama lie, forget about it)! In this selection, I included the Napapijiri jackets that are super famous (and expensive unfortunately..) but we know why: the quality is great. Even if it's a budget, having one like this for those extremely cold days is always useful. We all know we forget about the price when we're feeling good. It's the same when we're feeling warm in a -30°c day. Less expensive this time but still pretty, I've included 2 beautiful jackets from the Engelbert Strauss website because I had a crush for this model on the left  and  this other model on the right. For those who don't know the brand, it's a construction brand (no, you can let your glasses rest on your table because it's right). You'll maybe find it unusual to shop in such a store. I think only Canadian (hi, future neighbors!) Polish or Russian people will understand. If it's freezing  in your country, you'll most likely be buying ski jackets (which can be also weird for some people but cold is cold and don't forget ski jackets aren't all ugly). Well, I found a brand who sells good quality jackets and not that expensive (if you don't want to spend money on a Napapijiri one) for those cold days and it's Engelbert Strauss. Here in Belgium, we can buy some jackets for those days in sports stores like Decathlon (listed below) or Sport Direct. But I thought it was clever to look for such a brand because their jackets are also made for people who work in hard climatic condition and they're less expensive than the Napapijiri. I thought it was the perfect combo so I've included 2 models in this selection that are simple and beautiful.